If I have Youth Ministry All Access, what do I get for Kingdom Worker Week?
If you purchased Youth Ministry All Access for one year, you not only get everything that is included with it (access to every CIY Film in our vault, $250 worth of downloads, exclusive content released quarterly, and more), you also get exclusive access to all content that will be released for Kingdom Worker Week – including:

  • A code for all of your students to get Kingdom Worker All Access (including Kingdom Worker Week) free for a year!  That means all of your students get streaming access to the Jace film, other social justice films, devotions, sermons, and more!  And they will be able to view Kingdom Worker Week from their own devices.
  • The ability to preview Kingdom Worker Week content
  • The ability to download all the Kingdom Worker Week content into a zip file
  • One free Kingdom Worker Week t-shirt

What is included in the full download of the Kingdom Worker Week?

  • The “KW7 Show” which is meant to help kick off your week with your students. It is approximately 50 minutes long and involves interviews with Kingdom Workers, short challenging teaching, and some fun to kick off your week.
  • All the content for each day – including the daily challenge, all videos, music, devotions, and images for social media.
  • A small group lesson (pdf) that ties into the KW7 theme and the “Engage the City Day” group lesson.

Why do I have to sign up for All Access to get Kingdom Worker Week?
As we continue to grow at CIY we want to continue to produce great content, teachings, and resources through Æffect all year long. This will include exclusive content and videos that won’t be shown at any CIY event, with the purpose of encouraging, growing and training your students to be Kingdom Workers all year long. Over the past couple of years, youth pastors and students have been asking for more content from CIY, and we wanted to create a way to deliver it to you. Kingdom Worker Week is considered “exclusive online content” that can only be available to All Access members.

What does each day look like for one of my students?
If your students have Kingdom Worker All Access then each day they will be shown 7 different boxes with tasks for them to complete. The tasks are a challenge, audio devo, article, music, a short teaching, a Kingdom Worker Conversation video, and a game to play. After they mark complete on each box, they will be given an image to download and share on social media.

Can I sign up if my youth minister isn’t signing up?
Yes! You can sign up for Kingdom Worker All Access for a year and you will receive all of the content for Kingdom Worker Week each day.

When will the materials be available to me?
If you have Youth Ministry All Access, all materials will be available for download on November 4th.

Is there a different theme for each day? How are the themes laid out?
Knowing that most youth groups meet every Sunday or every Wednesday, we designed the week to allow you to start on either of those days. On your kickoff day, you’ll watch the KW7 show and following that will be 7 days of content with 7 different themes. Content for November 7-9 and November 14-16 will be the same so that you can choose your start date to be Sunday or Wednesday without missing anything.

What are the different themes?
Daily themes are:

  • Home
  • World
  • City
  • School
  • Life
  • Heart
  • Country

Is it possible for my students to get the content without requiring them to get Kingdom Worker All Access?
Yes. As long as you have Youth Ministry All Access, then the full week will be available for you to download as a zip file. You are free to take any of the content and push it out to your students, show it in your youth group, etc.

What parts of Kingdom Worker Week are available for free?
Each day we will be interacting on social media and doing some live sessions via Periscope, highlighting Kingdom work and those who are doing it. Follow @CIYAEffect on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up!

How would I give instructions to my students on what to do each day?
After you purchase Youth Ministry All Access, a code will be sent to you to give to all of your students to sign up for Kingdom Worker All Access for free. Once they are signed up, they will log-on to kingdomworkerweek.com every day to view the content.

Do we get graphics with the download? Can I get graphics early?
Yes and yes! There will be a few different options of the Kingdom Worker Week logo in the full week download, but we are also making them available to all Youth Ministry All Access members immediately to use in any promotion they might have.  Email aeffect@ciy.com if you would like graphics.

Do I have the rights to show content from my screen at my church and post things on social media?
Yes and yes! Everything you receive you can show in your church youth group and post on any social media platform for your students.

Can I sign up if my youth minister isn’t signing up?
Yes! You can sign up for Kingdom Worker All Access for a year and you will receive all of the content for Kingdom Worker Week each day.

Can I use this on my phone?
Yes! The website has been designed so that is easy to navigate on a mobile platform as well as a desktop platform.

How long will it take to complete each day?
All together it should take about 20-30 minutes each day to go through all 7 of the boxes. But feel free to work on it box by box throughout the day.

Something was mentioned about a Day of Service – what does that mean? Do we have to do it now?
We are encouraging groups to do “Engage the City Day” on Saturday, November 12th during Kingdom Worker Week. Spend the day serving your community as a group. Small group material is provided for that day, but can be downloaded for use on another day. We understand that every youth group has different schedules and hurdles, so if you are not able to do November 12th, then we would encourage your groups or small groups to plan a day in the next month to serve together. Spend the day serving your community as a group.

Are there any new CIY t-shirts available for this week?
Yes! There is a Kingdom Worker Week shirt available! If you purchase Youth Ministry All Access, we will send you one of these shirts for free! Click here for the KW7 shirt

Will Kingdom Worker Week be available after November 16th?
Yes! If you have Youth Ministry All Access, you will be able to download the content after the week, as this is included in your membership.

Do my students have to put in credit card info?
Yes. To go through Kingdom Worker Week through our online portal, they will have to be Kingdom Worker All Access members.  If you received a code to give to your students then they will receive the first year of All Access for free, but a credit card needs to be added to each account for renewal purposes. Don’t worry – it won’t get charged, and it is easy to turn “off” auto-renewal in your settings. We will also email before we charge the card in a year from now.